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Concert Film
Csík Band's 25th anniversary - the whole concert
The Csík Band - now legendary - gave an unforgettable anniversary concert on December 30th, 2015 at Budapest's Syma Hall. This event of contemporary Hungarian music history can now be seen and heard on DVD.


I won't marry you, my love, before...

  1. "Happy, sad song"
  2. Romanian dances from the Bihar region
  3. At dawn
  4. The prince of the Cumanians - lad from Kunság
  5. If the train has started, let it run...
  6. Star or swallow
  7. Stealing a heart
  8. How much rain, how much mud
  9. And came the doctor
  10. Lamenting, hoina (a Romanian dance) and hand dance
  11. Measuring the milk of the sheep
  12. I am the one who is not good

Csík Band:
Zsolt Barcza - cimbalom, accordion
József Bartók - double bass
János Csík - fiddle, voice
Tamás Kunos - viola, second tambur, drum, voice
Marianna Majorosi - voice
Péter Makó - taragot, saxophone, clarinet, zither, voice
Attila Szabó - fiddle, guitar, voice

András Berecz, Ákos Dióssy D., Mihály Dresch, György Ferenczi, András Kispál, András Lovasi, Ábel Mihalik, Ferenc Németh, Gábor Presser

Dance: Fitos Dezső Company

Directed by: Balázs Lévai

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