Dear All,
Hungary’s governmental decision of March 11, 2020 mandates general restrictions and closings of public events.
Please note that regular dance houses, folk clubs, summer camps and special events published on this website will in all likelihood be cancelled during this time of emergency measures.

THE HOUSE OF TRADITIONAL DANCES (kc DUNAJ , Nedbalova 3, Bratislava)
22nd of September 2016 at 8.00 pm

tanchaz 2012 kep

Opening of the 15th cycle

pair dances from Eastern Slovakia by Mr. Blaho
čardášfrom village Kostolec (region Považie)
pomalý a friss from village Silická Brezová (region Gemer)

Under the leadership of:
Fero Morong and Barbora Morongová
Ján Blaho and Lucia Zachar Ninčáková
Sándor Juhász and Berta Almási

Music: ZAGYVA BANDA (HU) and Michal Pagáč Band (SK)
Fee: 4 €
tel.: +421 908 770 410
mail: morong@tanecnydom.sk

ATTENTION!!! New Dance Course - Folklore for everybody
Riverpark Dance School - each Monday at 8:25 - 9:25 p. m. (3 months)
under the leadership: F. Morong and B. Morongová
info: morong@tanecnydom.sk