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Hungary’s governmental decision of March 11, 2020 mandates general restrictions and closings of public events.
Please note that regular dance houses, folk clubs, summer camps and special events published on this website will in all likelihood be cancelled during this time of emergency measures.

Honoring the 71st anniversary of Béla Bartók’s death, Góbé Band will perform Bartók’s 44 Duos for Two Violins (Sz. 98, BB 104) with traditional source material: Hungarian, Romanian, Slovakian, Ruthenian, and Serbian folk melodies.
Fonó, 7 pm. 23 October, 2016.

“There is no other composition that better demonstrates the ethnic variety that Bartók - also as a researcher - worked with: he made use of Hungarian, Romanian and Slovakian folk melodies, as well as Ruthenian, Serbian and Arab folk dances and songs. [...]
Bartók’s true aim becomes clear through this unique series of instructional compositions. Not only are the pieces based on original folk melodies, most of which the composer/ ethnomusicologist took directly from the mouth of the folk themselves, [….] but they also preserve something of a disappearing environment and life.…These compositions…have artistically inspired, higher - or deeper - educational content.” (László Vikárius)

Performed by: Góbé Band


Ádám Kiss-Balbinat – violin, voice
Máté Vizeli — violin, viola, coboz, guitar
Imre Csasznyi — bassprim tambura, viola, voice
Mátyás Egervári — cymbalom, bagpipe, tambura brac, hit cello, drum
Márton Timár — double bass

Dance house and folk pub after the concert with Naszály Band

Entrance: free of charge!

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