43rd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 5–7 April 2024
Mihály Dresch is an essential figure on the Hungarian and international music scene. On his new recording, he presents a new band and a new sound. A few years ago in addition to his jazz quartet, he formed the Dresch String Quartet with members of the younger generation of Hungarian folk musicians. Here Dresch’s characteristic ethno jazz is present, as well as traditional village folk music. In this meeting, a new quality of music brings together and nourishes improvisation and the musical roots of the Carpathian Basin. On the new record, Dresch and his musical partners continuously change and stretch the borders of both jazz and folk music.

Dresch vonos

DRESCH Mihály -  tenor sax, fuhun, flute, voice
BRASNYÓ Antal -  viola
CSOÓRI Sándor Sündi - viola, bulgarian tambourine
BOGNÁR András -  double bass
SZABÓ Dániel -  dulcimer
LŐRINCZ Hortenzia -  voice

Fonó, 2017
FA 400-2
Bar code: 5 998048 540020

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