41st National Táncház Festival & Fair • 1–3 April 2022
Authentic Hungarian folk music from the river Sajó area to Székelyföld
„During the recent years we have devoted our attention to understanding, acquisition and stylistically appropriate interpretation of music related to diverse regions of Székelyföld, as well as the villages along the rivers Sajó and Maros. We have compiled several line-ups that present the unique beauty of folk music belonging to these rural areas.

magos forgatos

The material recorded on our CD aims at presenting an extremely colourful musical world ranging from slow-moving, lyrical love songs to tensely throbbing dance melodies. Our goal is to perform these types of not widely known, partly unexploited music diversely and authentically in order to entertain and delight the audience with the help of our favourite folk music collections, as well as our own experiences.

The folk music from Magyarpéterlaka has become our trademark, the most significant and customary part of our repertoire for the last 10 years of our performances. Nowadays no Magos concert or dance house event can be imagined without Uncle Aladár’s péterlaki music .

We take our audience on a journey starting from the river Sajó area through Székely-Mezőség and Felső-Maros area to Udvarhelyszék and the area of the river Nyárád hoping that by the end of this ’roaming’ everybody will feel like dancing a ’Forgatós’.”

1. On the Road…... ♦ (Fast, slow ’csárdás’ and fast ’fordulós’ from Teke (Nagysajó, Zselyk- the river Sajó area))
2. Across Korond to Szováta ♦ (Verbunk, szöktetős (skipping) and marosszéki from Sóvidék)
3. Swiftly! ♦ (Korcsos (’turning’), székely verbunk and szapora (’swift’) from Magyaró)
4. „We could have survived even on a rock” ♦ (Tunes from the river Nyárád area based on Béla Bartók ’s collection (Marosszék, Székelyföld))
5. ’County’ dance ♦ (Recruit song from Magyarpéterlaka, korcsos (turning), gypsy csárdás and fast turning (Upper Maros area))
6. To the Székelys (Seclers) from Mezőség ♦ (Table song and korcsos (turning) from Mezőkölpény, csárdás and korcsos (turning) from Mezőbánd (Székely-Mezőség, Marosszék, Székelyföld))
7. Verbunkos (Recruiting)♦ Verbunk, gypsy csárdás and forduló (turning) from Marossárpatak (Upper Maros area/region)
8. „I told you, my darling, not to love me…” ♦ Folk songs from Bözöd ( Udvarhelyszék, Székelyföld)
9. As a remembrance from Zselyk ♦ Korcsos (turning), wedding csárdás and bride accompanying tune (the river Sajó area/region)
10. ”Where even the ox drinks wine!”
– dedicated to Ponczi Gyula’s memory ♦ (Tune addressing János, fast turning, csárdás and korcsos (turning) from Magyarpéterlaka (Upper Maros region).)


Enyedi Ágnes - voice(1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9)
Soós Csaba - violin (1-3, 5-7, 9, 10)
Kovács Márton - violin (1, 6, 7, 9)
Éri Márton - three stringed (1) and four stringed (9) viola
Fekete Márton - three stringed (3, 5-7, 10) and four stringed (1) viola
Enyedi Tamás - cymbalo (1-3, 5-8, 10)
Prihoda István - double bass(1-3, 5-7, 9)
Salamon Soma - accordion (2, 7), wooden flute (4, 8)

Musicians from Magyarpéterlak:

Csiszár Aladár - violin (10)
Ötvös János - double bass(10)

Fonó, 2018 (FA 410-2)

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