43rd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 5–7 April 2024
15 March 2019 – Fonó
Újbuda City Council and the Fonó present: March 15th National Holiday at the Fonó

2019 marc 15 cover

4 pm Hussar Comedia – children’s program with dance house by Bahorka Ensemble
Folk crafts workshop led by Csiki Loránt

6:30 pm Tribute to the revolution and historical events of March 15th 1848.

7 pm Concert: Sárarany Band – music in the spirit of the 1848 revolution

8 pm Simultaneous dance houses:
Moldavian dancing and music with Berka Ensemble
Dances of various Hungarian regions with string band music by Sárarany Band

Admission free!

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