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Hungary’s governmental decision of March 11, 2020 mandates general restrictions and closings of public events.
Please note that regular dance houses, folk clubs, summer camps and special events published on this website will in all likelihood be cancelled during this time of emergency measures.

Parno Graszt’s new record “Már nem szédülök” / “Rolling back” has been released! The title track means a lot to the band because they feel like that’s the tune that won them a place in the hearts of Hungarians.

The record includes an arrangement of the Quimby tune “Sehol se talállak” [Can’t find you anywhere] which the band did at the request of Petőfi Rádió’s Akusztik [Acoustic] program. Of course there are also arrangements of authentic Roma folk songs: Párnyi Lulugyi – Fehér virág [White flower]; Ki az urát nem szereti [Who doesn’t like her husband]; Shunén romálé – Halljátok cigányok [Listen Gypsies]. The record cover gladly recalls the Transylvanian Roma folk song “Bánat-bánat” which inspired the arrangement they did in concert together with Cimbaliband.

No matter which track we play first, we get that genuine Parno atmosphere which doesn’t let up - and certainly accounts for all the full house concerts they play every year at home in Hungary and abroad - where they have shown thousands of people what a good Roma party is like!

ParnoGraszt Marnemszedulok

OLÁH József - tambura,guitar, vocals
OLÁH János – double bass, vocals
OLÁH Viktor – guitar, vocals
OLÁH Krisztián – accordion, vocals
OLÁH Heléna – vocals
VÁRADI Mária – vocals
BALOGH Mária – vocals
JAKOCSKA János – guitar, vocals
HORVÁTH Sándor – spoons, vocals
NÉMETH István – churn, oral bass

HORVÁTH Zsolt Noé – guitar
HORVÁTH Pákó – cajon
GALYAS Zoltán – cymbalom
VÁRADI Zoltán – viola
SZILÁGYI Antal – fiddle
SZIROTA Jennifer – vocals

FA 431-2
Fonó, 2019
Bar code: 5 998048 543120

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