43rd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 5–7 April 2024
Parno Graszt’s new record “Már nem szédülök” / “Rolling back” has been released! The title track means a lot to the band because they feel like that’s the tune that won them a place in the hearts of Hungarians.

The record includes an arrangement of the Quimby tune “Sehol se talállak” [Can’t find you anywhere] which the band did at the request of Petőfi Rádió’s Akusztik [Acoustic] program. Of course there are also arrangements of authentic Roma folk songs: Párnyi Lulugyi – Fehér virág [White flower]; Ki az urát nem szereti [Who doesn’t like her husband]; Shunén romálé – Halljátok cigányok [Listen Gypsies]. The record cover gladly recalls the Transylvanian Roma folk song “Bánat-bánat” which inspired the arrangement they did in concert together with Cimbaliband.

No matter which track we play first, we get that genuine Parno atmosphere which doesn’t let up - and certainly accounts for all the full house concerts they play every year at home in Hungary and abroad - where they have shown thousands of people what a good Roma party is like!

ParnoGraszt Marnemszedulok

OLÁH József - tambura,guitar, vocals
OLÁH János – double bass, vocals
OLÁH Viktor – guitar, vocals
OLÁH Krisztián – accordion, vocals
OLÁH Heléna – vocals
VÁRADI Mária – vocals
BALOGH Mária – vocals
JAKOCSKA János – guitar, vocals
HORVÁTH Sándor – spoons, vocals
NÉMETH István – churn, oral bass

HORVÁTH Zsolt Noé – guitar
HORVÁTH Pákó – cajon
GALYAS Zoltán – cymbalom
VÁRADI Zoltán – viola
SZILÁGYI Antal – fiddle
SZIROTA Jennifer – vocals

FA 431-2
Fonó, 2019
Bar code: 5 998048 543120

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