43rd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 5–7 April 2024
Rozsdamaró Band named their second album “Mély” [Deep]. The band invites us to immerse ourselves in and rediscover nature and tradition in their new musical material written of great knowledge. The disk preserves cultural treasures by honoring the difficult lives of the proud herdsmen, the world of the shepherd artists and village Gypsy musicians.

“In the present online world we begin to forget about nature and the people that live there. Relationships with ‘offline folks’ begin to slip away. The music of the herdsmen is a peripheral area of our Hungarian folk music. The people who live with and tend the animals have great knowledge of nature and the sounds of the animal’s world. Their life style and the unique sounds of their job - such as the bells on the necks of the animals they tended - had an enormous effect on their music. The traditional knowledge and music of the herdsmen are valued and protected to this day. This record features the shepherds themselves: Árvai Sándor, Palásti János ’Síkár’, Pál István – as well as those that know and practice the shepherd tradition today: Lajkó Levente and Papp László. This record “Mély” is at the same time blue and red, distance and proximity, searching for a path and finding a path, grief and joy, fondness and closeness. It is about getting to know, learning, carrying and practicing the knowledge found in traditional culture. Continuity - the full circle. We invite everyone to immerse themselves in the world of nature, music and man.” Nagy Gábor (Rozsdamaró Band)

“This record preserves cultural value by honoring the difficult lives of the proud herdsmen, the artists of the shepherd’s world and the village Gypsy musicians. The thoughts and songs of the shepherds that tended the grazing animals intertwined with the professional Gypsy musicians’ that played at the countryside inns. Their meetings became an organic part of our folk culture and common musical mode of thought in the Carpathian Basin, whether the language is Hungarian or Romanian. Rozsdamaró Band interprets the wide, closely intertwined spectrum of our folk music tradition with professional knowledge and fitting respect for authenticity .” Csepregi András (Békés Banda)

Rozsdamaro Mely

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