43rd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 5–7 April 2024
Fonó, 27 December 2019.
Mohammad Reza Mortazavi solo, Kerekes Band, Zoord

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi
Mohammad Reza Mortazavi‘s percussion solo performances by far exceed the idea of what to expect from a percussion concert.
Playing traditional Persian handdrums (Tonbak & Daf) in his own uniqiue way, he crafts a network of danceable rhythms, uptempo beats and trance-like textures with great virtuosity. Melodies and polyphponies entwine one another in seemingly endless rhythmic variations, creating truly hypnotic worlds of sound. Mortazavi‘s amazing musical range stretches all the way from soft and slow to
swift, dynamic and diverse.
As a solo artist Mohammad Reza Mortazavi produces sounds of orchestral proportions merely by the dexterity of his two hands. His playing technique coupled with the broad spectrum of overtones allow for the simultaneous playing of polyrhythmic beats, sophisticated melodies, and polyphonic compositions.
Starting at age nine, the Persian musician and composer has come a long way from winning Tonbak competitions in his home country to concerts, productions and great success the world over. From playing big festivals like Roskilde in front of thousands of dancing people, to concerts in the Berliner Philharmonie as well as dance/theater productions all over the world – audiences, critics and the media agree: Mohammad Reza Mortazavi is a truly unique live experience!

Kerekes Band
“Up-to–date, intelligently constructed, innovative music” (Songlines Magazine, UK)
Two time Fonogram award winning Kerekes Band’s path has over 25 years led them from the sweaty atmosphere of Hungary’s Moldavian and Gyimes Csángó (Transylvanian) dance houses - to world music stages. During that time they have created a sound which cannot be confused with any other on the Hungarian or international world music scene. A tempo that draws from the pulse of Moldavian music, filled out with riff-centered flute and coboz themes – in other words: ethno funk.
From the get-go this groups’s sound has come at least as much from rock as from traditional Hungarian shepherd’s music….the spectrum of their music includes: Gyimes Transylvanian folk music, Jimi Hendrix, psychedelic, “riffs”, and a Hungarian stoner, 2/4 specialist: it’s ethno funk escaped from the irons of traditional music…

Fehér Zsombor – flute, voice
Námor Csaba - coboz
Csarnó Ákos - viola, vocals
Sohajda Péter – bass guitar, vocals
Fehér Viktor - drum, vocals

Drawing from the melodic world of the Moldavian Csángó Hungarians, Zoord’s music comes on with elementary force. Their spring board is Szilágyi Áron – one of the world’s most well-known and virtuoso Jew’s harp players.

The band is finishing up an exciting year - they have played in China, Transylvania, several destinations in Europe, as well as well-known Hungarian festivals such as: Sziget, Fishing on Orfű, Budapest Ritmo. This Jew’s harp–drum-violin trio is presently working on a new recording. The music takes their audience on adventure from roots in the Carpathian Basin, to the steppes of Asia stopping to trance dance under the stars, before fluttering onward. One of the best world music producers, Rafal Kolacinsky from Warsaw is helping with the material for Zoord’s new album.

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Fonó, 28 December 2019.
GÓBÉ Christmas – concert and dance house
“My life is empty without music...”

Pulsating, energetic world music with roots in Hungarian folk music. The Góbé boys, while knowing and maintaining respect for their Kodály and Bartók heritage, carry the thought further. They play dynamic world music; a kind of folk pop. GÓBÉ has made four recordings and regularly gets crowds up dancing and singing at the Budapest clubs (A38, Akvárium, Barba Negra, Fonó, Kobuci, etc) and at festivals.

GÓBÉ Band:
CSASZNYI IMRE – voice, bassprim tambura, viola
RIGÓ MÁRTON – violin, guitar, viola, vocals
VIZELI MÁTÉ – voilas, violin, guitar, coboz, vocals
EGERVÁRI MÁTYÁS - cymbalom, tambura bracs, winds, percussion
TIMÁR MÁRTON – double bass
CZUPI ÁRON – drums, percussion, vocals

gobe foto bende csabaGóbé – Photo: Bende Csaba
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Fonó, 29 December 2019.
Balogh Kálmán & Gipsy Cimbalom Band with BRANKA; PutriPop; Zűrös Banda

Balogh Kálmán & Gipsy Cimbalom Band featuring BRANKA
Gipsy Cimbalom Band is six outstanding musicians’ experiment with melding Roma music, jazz, flamenco, swing, ragtime and klezmer. The result is an unusual world of music which includes a number of European countries where Gypsies play folk music, jazz or any other kind of music for entertainment. This also means the music can be instrumental or vocal. Though the music focuses around Balogh Kálmán’s cymbalom, all the other instruments are highlighted as well.
The Hungarian-Serbian singer Básits Branka has also joined the band, and with her presence other paths open up. In addition to Hungarian and Serbian folk songs, she is also an authentic performer of other Balkan music. Her passionate and individual performance style immediately draws an audience in.

Balogh Kálmán - cymbalom
Básits Branka - voice
Bede Péter - saxophone
Frankie Látó - violin
György Mihály - guitar
Kovács Ferenc - trumpet, violin, voice
Novák Csaba – double bass

PutriPop is a world music concept with its own world of sound that comes across both on stage and on their recordings.
PutriPop blends traditional melodies with Transylvanian Gypsy music, maintaining the original song text, while also allowing their own song texts to be created. The traditional string trio is paired with button and piano accordions making easy flowing violin and song centered folklore.

Bíró Szabolcs (Báró Maszkura): voice, accordion
Szilágyi Tóni: violin
Könczei Bálint: viola
Johannes Olsson: accordion
Boros Gábor: double bass

Zűrös Banda
Members of this band were recruited from anumber of prominent Hungarian folk and world music bands. They had already been friends for years, but most importantly they were all fans of Hungarian and modern Balkan music.
Their first recording, released by the Fonó in 2015, immediately caught international attention when World Music Charts Europe listed it amongst the best albums.
Their music features authentic renditions of Hungarian, Serbian, Macedonian and Bulgarian folk themes and songs, supporting the beautiful melodies with a more modern sounding rhythm section. At Zűrös concerts you’ll hear both emotional songs and energetic dance music.

Básits Branka (Junior Prima award recipient) – voice
Bede Péter – saxophone
Babcsán Bence - saxophone
Varga Kornél – guitar
Boros Attila – bass guitar
Kertész Ákos – drum

zurosbandaZűrös Banda
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