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Just in time for Christmas 2019 Herczku Ági and Banda release their new album “Kamara”.

Beautiful Hungarian, Slovak, Croatian and Bulgarian songs – treasures from the pantries of this creative couple. Music even more colorful than usual from Nikola Parov, Herczku Ágnes and Banda with the addition of Bognár Szilvia’s ringing voice and the versatile violins of Kuczera Barbara and Vizeli Máté. Powerful string sound, dynamic and lyrical chamber music harmony, a Bulgarian - Hungarian ballad, the playful two language ‘cricket wedding’ – just a taste of the treats on this new Fonó release.


1. Eydebush
2. Csakalukkő
3. Izlele
4. Kumove
5. Boriazangoli – Foltin Jolán emlékére [in memory of Foltin Jolán]
6. Szávaacsendes
7. Parovac
8. Zsipizsebkendő
9. Sznosti
10. Brmbrnatrnka

Herczku Ági (voice, gardon)

Fekete Márton (kontra)
Hegedűs Máté (violin)
Herédi Zsombor (accordion)
Nikola Parov (many instruments)
Molnár Péter (double bass)
Pálházi Bence (violin)

Bognár Szilvia (voice)
Kuczera Barbara (violin)
Vizeli Máté (viola, violin)

Music: Nikola Parov

FA 444-2
Fonó, 2019
Bar code: 5 998048 544424

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