44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
Fonó, 2016. December 28.
East Gipsy Band unites Hungary’s jazz life with stars of Roma folk music: a new and exciting fusion of Roma music traditions and jazz.

Oláh Gipsy Beats - Some of the best Hungarian Gypsy musicians came together to make this band. They play both traditional Gypsy music of this region and a unique fusion of the ancient rural singing style and popular city music of the Gypsies and other cultures. You’ll hear everything from heartbreak and pain, to fiery exuberant dance tunes.

DJ Vida Tóni
About 15 years ago Vida Tóni started Hungary’s first community radio station ‘Tordas Rádió’ broadcast only within the village borders. Presently he works with Budapest’s Tilos Rádió. His DJ programs keep crowds dancing till morning with a wildly appealing selection of local and international color.


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