44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
Liszt Academy Concert Centre – Solti Hall, 4 December 2019, 19.00-21.00
Bori Fekete certainly figures as one of the most gifted members of her young folk singer generation. Her deep toned, supple and unique sound gives her the right to explore in an authentic and daring way the various music genres. The finest pieces of her broad musical interests are featured on her first solo album. She confidently guides her listeners from song to song, from Transylvania to Bulgaria. She has this to say about her songs: “I got the voice from life. It is my task to look after it, to nurture and develop it, and to use it for the pleasure of others. To play with it, to try and try again. Melodies speak to me as I travel the world. At times like this, the ability that was gifted to me moves within me, spurring me on to new paths... and I listen. I have been accompanied on my journey by marvellous musicians. I’ve been bitten by the songs of Erzébet Kádár of Magyarszovát, and bewitched by snatches of melody filtering out of a Turkish restaurant. Rustic string sounds stop me in my tracks, lute music lifts me up. Bulgarian rhythms clatter, pipes shrill from the past. They call to me and I pass on my folk songs.

fekete bori

Teaser (Transylvania)
The Ballade of László Fehér (Bukovina)
The Bard (Transylvania)
Father's Choice (Transylvania)
Odd Rhytms (Bulgaria)
Favourites from Szovát (Transylvania)
Bitter Love (Transylvania)
Nanay (Turkey)
Seasoned Melodies with Bagpipe (Upper Hungary)

Borbála Fekete, Borbála Sasvári, Sára Bolyki (vocals), Balázs Vizeli (violin), Antal “Puma” Fekete, Márton “Kispuma” Fekete (viola), András Bognár (double bass), Mátyás Bolya (zither, cobza, lute), Balázs Szokolay Dongó (recorders, bagpipe), Balogh Kálmán (cimbalom), Balázs Jakabffy (drums), Gergely Okos (gardon), Dávid Eredics (kaval, clarinet), Attila Buzás (saz, tamburas)

Presented by Liszt Academy

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