44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
Opus Jazz Club, 6th March 2020
The members of the Dalinda a cappella vocal ensemble – Fanni Nádasdy, Julianna Paár and Sára Tímár – are all committed to hungarian folk music. In their musicality, however, they strive to bring the authentic, instinctive singing style necessary for folk songs to the stage in a modern, polyphonic form. Their songs are about common human experiences, because our folksongs are the bearers of collective feelings and thoughts that affect all of us. The purest source of our self-expression. The idea of the band was born in 2015. Dalinda crystallized from the experience of many folk and world music projects over the years. For the past four years they have performed in the biggest concert halls and festivals in Hungary, and in this February they will represented the ethno a cappella genre in India.


Fanni Nádasdy - voice
Julianna Paár - voice
Sára Tímár - voice

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