44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025

Virtuoso variations of Félix Lajkó on folk themes for violin and zither with extraordinary singers

most jottem kicsi

FA 371-2
2016, Fonó
Bar code: 5998048537129

Félix Lajkó’s music draws richly from the music traditions that influenced his everyday life from childhood. This means the folk music of his native Voivodina region which includes also Hungarian, Gypsy, and even Romanian folk music. On this record entitled “Most jöttem/ I just arrived” we hear virtuoso variations on folk themes for violin and zither with extraordinary singers such as Bea Palya, Gabriella Tintér and Anna Csizmadia, and musicians such as László Porteleki, Antal Brasnyó and Gergő Szabó Csobán. ‘Félix Lajkó Folk’ debuted as a formation in February 2015 during the Félix Lajkó Marathon event at Budapest’s Palace of the Arts celebrating Felix’s 40th birthday. Since then, the material has continued to develop over the course of several memorable concerts and has now been released by Fonó.

“In the Folk project, with folk musician friends and singers, we have been able to put together a show that rolls and is danceable from beginning to end. It’s either virtuosity, the violins, or the zither solos, or the singers’ uniqueness that reigns from moment to moment. Of course the finale is the best moment here too, when the ladies together sing melodies that will keep us humming for days.”