44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025

New CD release – Majorosi Marianna: Szerelmesnek nehéz lenni
"My first album 'Jól gondold meg kislány' ('Think well, little girl')’s success inspired me to speak again. During our concerts I was repeatedly asked for a solo album, so I wanted to live up to this expectation.” – Marianna Majorosi

majorosi cover

The solo singer of one of Hungary’s most successful folk and world music bands, the Csík Zenekar ensemble, Marianna Majorosi produced her second solo album recently. Marianna celebrated her 20 years as a singer too. That was when workings incorporating composers and performers such as Gábor Presser, Ferenc Radics and of course members of the Csík Zenekar ensemble started. Her first solo album’s title alluded to the topic of how girls choose their mates.

The new album, however, is a testament to the experiences of a mature woman about the female soul, love, motherhood, at the crossroads of world and folk music.

Total time: 58:01
FA 369-2

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