44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025

... a Song to Hope
Performance of Háromszék Dance Ensemble
Várkert Bazár, 19 February 2016

hte menyegzophoto: Henning János

Marriage is the most important, and perhaps most difficult part of human life. The wedding is a kind of threshold, a transformation, a sacral substantiation. The road leading to it, the wedding, the guests, and all its ceremonies are vivid in our shared consciousness.
What do we take on from this by our commitment? What has lifted spirits from the beginning of time, and what has remained of what had existed in early the and long-past spirit of Transylvania? Our folklore theatre poem is a chain of lyrical and dynamic dance etudes - the polyphony of states performed through live folk music, singing, choral singing, projected animation, and dance, which altogether create a new world for a hope which strengthens home.

Music: Kelemen László
Costumes: Furik Rita
Sets and animation: Ütő Gusztáv & Ferencz Hunor
Script and dramaturgy: Prezsmer Boglárka
Assistant to Director: Prezsmer Boglárka, Orza Călin
Assistants to choreographers: Ivácson László & Tekeres Gizella
Choreographers: Mihályi Gábor, Orza Călin
Directed and choreographed by Mihályi Gábor

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