44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025

FA 378-2
2016, Fonó
Bar code: 5 998048 537822
Fanfara Complexa was formed as a dance-house band in 2002. Since then it has been the regular and much liked participant of dance-houses in Budapest, and in the country, as well. The band has participated in numerous international festivals. They have played in China, Italy, Slovenia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Romania. Their music is based on authentic Csángó folk music from Moldva and on the modern szerba-hora and manele melodies.

fanfara tanc ala

Following the most ancient function of music, they play lively dance-music, but they are also happy to give concerts and to take part in parades. They have been active participants of the folk festival in Somoska for ten years where they have learned (and learn recently, as well) a lot of new melodies from the local musicians. The famous saxophonist Paun Ionel (son of Paun Vasil, the lute like instrument player) and the fanfare musicians are the two main sources of inspiration for Fanfara Complexa. Their music feeds on the folklore tradition of numerous nations (Romanian, csángó, Hungarian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Jewish, and the list goes on.) Furthermore, they revise the world of music of the latter mentioned cultures by unique arrangement and perception. Their aim is to insert the musical processes and improvements to the musical life of Hungary.

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