44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
Csángálló Band was formed in 2009, and they have been playing together in their present international line-up since 2014.


They consider their musical mother tongue to be the folk music of the Hungarian Csángó peoples from the Gyimes region of Transylvania and Moldavia. But they are continually widening their area of interest and building up thier musical repertoire and instrumental knowledge. Their approach to the rich treasury of traditional music from Transylvania (the Kalotaszeg, Mezőség, Székely regions) with unique instrumentation stepping beyond the usual borders between brass and string bands.
They are also open to the mysterious, exciting world and cultural heritage of the Balkans - which could include anything from the magical music of Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey or Albania. Their style comes from originality and a dynamic of youthful momentum, spiced with plenty of improvisation.

Fonó, 12 May 2016.

Guests: Bahorka, Zimber Ferenc, Szabó Csobán Gergő 'Bakter'

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